Waking Up from the Dream

Waking Up from the Dream

Book 1- The Sword of Understanding

The Sword of Understanding, Book 1 of the ‘Waking Up From The Dream’ series is a story for our time. Like a true classic it has been embraced and loved by people of all ages.

Taking you deeper into your childhood of dreams and possibilities it will awaken and lift your imagination, your heart and your spirit up high. The Sword of Understanding is an unforgettable must-read.

Younger people are saying  “ You learn to understand yourself and other people better than you did before…It is inspiring and it’s a story about a boy who learns to ‘fly….’ (Eva)

“Your book is awesome, really good and really interesting too.” (Sebastian)

“I thought the book was great..it had mystery in it and I liked all the characters. I especially liked the part where the boy fixes the eagle’s wing” (Joel)

“There are princes and swords, horses and eagles mixed with mystery and magic…Callum and Laura’s lives become amazing….” (Chrissie)

Adults are saying:  “This story is about a boy with a dream… It is so well written the authors put love, compassion and a gentleness into their writing that you can’t help but fall in love with Callum…. The story is one of sweet adventure, childhood fantasy and vivid imagination. Funny, sad, tender and adoring…this will touch the hearts of young and old alike.” (Cathy Yeates – Healer)

“This book is a delightful read. On the surface it is a children’s book but it is full of profound messages about life. It touches the heart and appeals to the child in us no matter how old we are.” (Robyn Mason – Nurse)

‘A captivating adventure story that would suit children and adults alike. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page.. it was very difficult to put down. It is a story of out time and instils faith in the vision of global unity, self honesty, clear intention and awakening the heart.” (Grant Woolven – Presenter)

An adventure story that lifts your imagination, your heart and your spirit up high.Set in the Australian countryside..it takes you deeper into your childhood of dreams and possibilities. It made me think deeply about things..(Steve Butcher – Farmer)

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The book is $AUD18 and postage is an additional $AUD5.00 to cover local and international postage. Please contact me to order the book. Send your mailing details to wakingup@iinet.net.au.